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A beautifully styled Floyd Shelving System in ash/white

Tall Shelf with three short expansion units in ash/white.

The Shelving System

A modular shelving system, designed and perfected over three years.

Display the things you love, store the things you don’t, and do it all while remaining flexible for what your life becomes. The shelving system is a product we’ll continue to design and add-on to for life — so you can do the same.

The Shelving System

Probably the world's most modular shelving system. When it comes to modularity, the limit does not exist. Start with one Shelf and add expansion units and add-ons to build a shelving system that works perfectly in your space – either now or in the future. Shop Now

The Media Console 

There aren’t many options out there for a clean-lined, high quality media console. And even less for a media console that can grow and change over the years and work from home to home. So we made one. The Media Console brings the best of form plus function – perfect for long nights of binge-watching. Whether the tv is on, or off. Shop Now

Expansion Units

Expand your shelving system. Expansion units connect to your existing wood supports, creating a seamless shelf from the front – no matter how many you add.

Expand your shelving system.

Expand your shelving system.

Binge-worthy design.


Make your shelving system your organizational oasis with add-ons. Whether you’re looking to hide, display, or hang, add-ons incorporate into your current shelving system in minutes.

Contain the chaos.

Made to show off.

A place to hang.

A close up of The Floyd Shelving system in walnut/white

Triple short shelf in walnut/white.

Whether weighed down with records or books, the Shelving System was designed with materials that hold up over time.

Tested to hold up to 65 lb. per shelf.

The Floyd Shelving System fully loaded with book showcases sturdiness
A close up of proprietary track system on The Floyd Shelving System

Comes together in an entirely new way.

The backbone of the Shelving System features supports with a two-column hidden track, which creates a seamless shelf from the front — no matter how many expansion units you add. The track also enables fast & easy shelf adjustments, no more tools, pegs, or screws.

Easy to adjust hidden track.

Two short Floyd shelves with cabinets under bright, bold artwork

Short Shelf with cabinet and short expansion unit with cabinet.

Combinations that make designing a great home even easier, while saving you money & time!

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